alm.gitMy personal Web site, Athena Martin13 months
athenads.gitAthena Data Services, a framework for PostgreSQL-based applications. Athena Martin
escape.js.gitSimple virtual machine for "escaping" from JavaScript, plus utilities and progra...Athena Martin
lillybooks.gitA markov-chain bot for the Fediverse. Athena Martin14 months
machine_status.gitA simple status page with Python and CGI. Athena Martin14 months
srap.gitThe Stream Resource Application Protocol. Athena Martin14 months
vidveyor.gitVidVeyor, a tool for watching videos from Web feeds. Athena Martin
xblog.gitBlogging for XSite. Athena Martin14 months
xsite.gitAn XML-based static site generator. Athena Martin14 months